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When you invest, your capital is at risk.

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Sustainable investments, found for you.

Custom Preferences

Invest according to your own values and criteria.

Save Time

Use our tools to invest like the 1%, without coding.

Powerful Analytics

Test how your strategy would have performed historically.

Make an impact

Invest using quality sustainability and ESG data.

Get tailored investment signals.

Stock research is time consuming and it's easy to miss important events. Our algorithms send you signals so that you can maintain a healthy portfolio.

Build wealth like a professional.

Some of the best performing hedge funds and banks use systematic investing algorithms. Now, you can too. Compare investments and do scenario analysis, just like professionals.

Track companies on a 1.5°C tragectory.

Use our ESG and sustainability data in your investment strategy. Automate how you choose environmental leaders for your portfolio. You can stay ahead, and make an impact with your money.

Capital at risk. Past performance may not be not indicative of future performance.
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Investment signals made for you

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Investor education, market news and strategy insights


Investor education, market news and strategy insights

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