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Invest using quality sustainability and ESG data.

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Finding the best performing companies and good value investment takes time. Build a portfolio quickly with the highest quality analytics.

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Get the same opportunity and access to tools that professionals have. You can view the historic performance of your scenarios and what to trade on each day.

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Compare stocks and view key trading signals. Receive notifications tailored to what you’re looking for and to manage your risk.

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Investor Hub

Why Invest according to ESG Ratings?

Stocks can be categorized in different ways. There are dividend stocks, there are large-cap stocks, there are tech stocks, and many more ways that investors can categorize stocks. ESGs are just another way to categorize

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What is a Robo-advisor?

Robo-advisors are really cool robots that are programmed to follow you around and give you advice. Ok, not quite, but they are still pretty cool. Robo-advisors are essentially virtual financial advisors.

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Investing in Stocks Can Protect Your Money From Inflation

Most of us have had at least one experience with a grandparent that is absolutely mindblown over the cost of an everyday expense. Whether it’s gas, a movie ticket, or a gallon of milk, they are genuinely flabbergasted by the price tag. 

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